We’re in the heart of the summer, in a month filled with national and
international spectacle, from the first-time sentencing of a former President of the United States, which will be followed days later by his party’s national convention, to the Olympic summer games opening in Paris.

Here in the District, we will be celebrating the anniversaries of our declaration of national independence on July 4th and, on July 13th at Fort Stevens, the 160th anniversary of the defense of our capital city during the Civil War.

With so much going on, ERCV will be calmly offering activities this month
that highlight art and creativity, both of which are so important to our emotional well-being
and quality of life.

We will start on Wednesday, July 10th, with a trip to the Renwick Gallery.
There we’ll see a variety of beautiful, often intricate fiber art created by talented female artists.

Wednesday, July 17th, will see the return of our Poetry Salon. Our partner, Day Eight, will
introduce us to poet Regie Cabico. Come listen as he reads some of his poems and share a
favorite of your own. Day Eight will also be providing complimentary lunches, so please register in advance so we’ll know how many are needed.

On Thursday, July 25th, we’ll be offering our first Artists & Crafters Meet-up. Whether you’re an experienced artist or crafter or just love to dabble, this is an excellent opportunity to learn what your neighbors are creating, share ideas, and get inspired by friends old and new. If people are interested, this may become an ongoing group. My thanks to artist and ERCV volunteer Rima Shaffer both for the idea and for hosting this meeting.

Also, don’t forget that on Wednesday, July 31st, our ERCV Lunch Bunch will gather at the new Solaire Social in Silver Spring. It’s a great chance to share a meal, chat about the month’s happenings, and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed setting.

While you’re enjoying the events of July, please do remember to take care of yourselves during what might turn out to be DC’s hottest summer yet. Stay hydrated, avoid the midday sun, and keep cool to ensure that you stay healthy and safe.

Let’s all stay actively involved with one another. Your participation, whether attending an
event, reaching out to a neighbor, or serving your community as a treasured ERCV volunteer, strengthens and enriches our wonderful community.

Finally, kudos to Katrina Polk, Executive Director of the DC Villages Collaborative (DCVC), for
completing her first hundred days working with DC’s thirteen Villages, including ERCV. To find out what she’s accomplished so far, click on this link.

Here’s to a joyful July filled with celebration, creativity, and connection!