Privacy Policy

East Rock Creek Village respects the privacy of its members, volunteers, officers, and staff, and adheres to the following privacy principles: 

  • To protect the confidentiality of personal information about individuals including age, gender, address, career or other personally identifying information. 
  • To collect personal information only from the individual concerned, or with the knowledge and consent of that individual. 
  • To inform each person of the purpose and use of requested personal information. 
  • To collect only personal information that is necessary to accomplish the purpose for which it is intended. 
  • To prohibit the sale or rental of personal information to third parties.
  • To request East Rock Creek Village vendors or any recommended fee-for-service providers respect the confidentiality of members’ personal information. 
  • To delete or shred sensitive personal information from its records once such information, in the discretion of East Rock Creek Village, is no longer needed.
  • To enable individuals to update or correct their personal records upon request.

All volunteers and service providers are expected to sign and abide by this privacy policy.