DC is hot, hot, hot! Perhaps our sidewalks are not as scorching as those in Phoenix nor our waters as scalding as those off Miami Beach, but it’s still steamy in this city built atop a swamp. Our area is heating up in other ways as well: positively, with new businesses opening in The Parks at Walter Reed and new neighbors moving into our community, and negatively, with an upsurge in violent crime that has directly harmed so many and diminishes the well-being of us all.

In such times, it is important that we are here for each other, celebrating and supporting one another in both good and challenging times. The strength of East Rock Creek Village lies in our being a caring community. Together we can beat whatever heat comes our way.

One new way ERCV and the other DC Villages are supporting our communities is through the creation, as I mentioned in my last column, of the DC Villages Collaborative (DCVC). I am pleased to be representing ERCV on the supervisory Collaboration Council which plans to hire a director as soon as possible. Once up and running, the DCVC will focus its attention on some things the individual Villages have been doing informally for years, namely working together and sharing resources for Villages’ mutual benefit. Its other mission, over time, will be to help establish new Villages in unserved areas of the city. I hope that in the coming years we will connect more people with Villages and enhance the support and services available to older adults throughout the city.

This month, please take some time to rest and relax. Pour an ice-cold drink and join our “Staying Cool” online Open House on August 10th. If you’re inclined to brave the heat, come improve your strength and balance by participating in our in-person Otago fall prevention exercise classes. Or join us as we visit the MLK Library on August 14th to see a rare exhibit of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci and explore the many other excellent exhibits on display. For the MLK Library trip sign up here to register, and do let us know what other field trips you would like to see us offer in the future. And, as always, be sure to let us know if you need a ride to the doctor or help with your groceries.

There are so many ways that ERCV can be here for you. Consider becoming a neighbor-helping ERCV volunteer and help us prepare for the cooler days ahead. Meanwhile, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for making East Rock Creek Village a welcoming, thriving community. Stay cool!